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Turns Heads in Smiths Station

By Natalie Downey

Across the river from bustling Columbus lies the sleepy small town of Smiths Station, and tucked away in one of its green meadows sits an enchanted new venue, aptly and simply named The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Venue

Image by Giburton Snapshot

Only a short drive up Old Opelika Road from Columbus, you may find yourself curiously drawn to a small shelter made entirely of windows. A hedge-type fence constructed of reclaimed plantation shutters allows passersby glimpses of the whimsical greenhouse, its double glass doors inviting you in to explore the limitless potential for events, photo shoots, and any fantasy you can dream up.

Image by INS photography

The Greenhouse sits on a lot which was once in need of a vision. When the lot began being cleared and repurposed in August of 2022, curious community members looked on with appreciation. The Greenhouse’s owner Kelly West recalls the small town’s enthusiasm for the new venue as it was being built. “So many people stopped by to thank us for cleaning the place up,” she recalls. “One of the reviews on our google business listing is from Barry Tharpe “I live behind this venue. The property has come a long way to look this good.”

The Greenhouse Venue

145 Co Rd 223, Smiths Station

Kelly’s vision included far more than just cleaning up the lot. Inspired by a similar greenhouse venue in Virginia, the vision was to turn the vacant lot into a unique space to host private events. She saw the potential the little meadow held, with its green lush grass surrounded by tall trees; Kelly knew it was a spot begging to be given another chance. Choosing to build according to her own design, Kelly wanted to create a structure you couldn’t get blueprints for.

Image by Gabrielle Dominick Photography

The entire shelter was constructed out of repurposed windows from North Georgia. Comfort and utility were considered at every turn, and all the windows have been treated with reflective tinting to allow full lighting in while keeping the shelter from getting too hot. A shelter constructed entirely out of windows from floor to ceiling can let in a lot of heat, but the inside is refreshingly cool in spite of the hot August temperatures when I visited, thanks to air conditioning and fans. Heating is also available for winter months.

Image by Avventura Portrait Co

Walking up the stone path to The Greenhouse, an array of live plants grow happily along either side of the entrance. The rectangular structure consists of two long walls and two shorter walls. Comfortable benches covered in removable tan cloth line the long walls, offering seating which can be moved around or completely removed. A rustic farmhouse table sits in the middle of the building, tempting you to imagine an intimate candlelit wedding dinner or bridal shower full of laughter and craft making. Wispy white curtains allow some privacy inside, but can be removed or replaced with custom embellishments. Lanterns and a dimming chandelier provide soft, natural light. “Everything is fully customizable,” Kelly explains. “A lot of creative people have come out here.”

Image by Avventura Portrait Co

Perfect for small, intimate gatherings, The Greenhouse has already seen its share of happy moments since its opening in 2023. Weddings, baby showers, photo shoots, and other private events take place inside the sunny building, each experience one-of-a-kind.

Photo by Breanna Battles Photography

The Greenhouse sits on its own private lot, surrounded by a lush yard of beautiful plants and trees, giving attendees the option of celebrating outside. The lighting provided by the windows draws you in and is top notch no matter the season or weather, a perk which especially appeals to photographers.

No other venue like The Greenhouse exists for miles around the Chattahoochee Valley. Unique in every way, The Greenhouse straddles time zones, counties (Lee and Russell), and cities (Smiths Station and Phenix City). It truly doesn’t fit in a box, and it seems that this open-endedness is a theme for the venue.

With so many customizable elements, the venue is personal, intimate, comfortable, and inviting. It fits well in a small town, tucked away quietly, a perfect spot for what is known as a “micro-wedding” (50 or fewer guests) or a cozy private event with loved ones. At The Greenhouse, you can create your own experience.

In addition to providing hourly rentals and a fully customizable venue, The Greenhouse offers referrals to local caterers, cake makers, decorators, videographers, and photographers.

Image by Amanda Horne Photography

More than just an event venue, The Greenhouse also hosts regular community gatherings such as yoga and meditation classes and monthly markets open to local vendors. “Kidpreneurs” are invited to participate in the markets and encouraged to share their business offerings with the community.

Image by Avventura Portrait Co

Once in a lifetime events are one-of-a-kind for each individual, and The Greenhouse offers the opportunity to make these events as unique as the people celebrating them, all while bringing new purpose to a once forgotten lot in a sleepy town. Community, celebration, and connection grow from the seeds of a dream planted in a place that was waiting to be remembered. Now, memories await.

To book your private event today, visit, and follow The Greenhouse on Facebook @thegreenhousevenue and Instagram @thegreenhouse145.

The Greenhouse venue is located at 145 Lee Road 223, Smiths Station, AL, and operates in the Eastern time zone.

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